300+ Professionally Designed Styles for TablePress
Starting At Just $9.99 per Pack

Easily Create Professional Tables That Pop and Shine

TablePress is a wonderful free table creation tool for the WordPress platform. Unfortunately, when it comes to making its output look professional, there's not a lot of help around unless you hire a designer. So, we have created a set of styles that anyone can use on a TablePress table to get a professional looking table.

Project a Professional Image

No one likes to visit a website that isn't well designed and beautiful. Turn your Tablepress tables from drab to fab in just a few short minutes.  Our style-sheets provide at least 300 different styles across 8 style packs.  From plain black-and-white grids to grids with alternating shaded rows, bold headings and colored lines.  The styles work well on any device including tablets and mobile phones.  Your visitors will love your new look.

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Your Design Should get your readers focusing on YOUR CONTENT

A bad table design is distracting and reflects poorly on your business or content.  A good design is so appealing to the reader that they subconsciously WANT to read your content.  That's one of they keys to holding your readers attention - non-distracting, non-invasive design!  Use our table styles to present your information in a manner that make your prospect or customer want to continue reading!

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A set of styles that anyone can use on a TablePress table

Using these styles couldn't be simpler. If you know how to use TablePress then you already know how to use these styles. Once purchased, we will mail you a link to the style-sheets. Simply paste the contents of the sheet in the "Custom CSS" field in TablePress. Then, using the reference guide on this site, find the class-name of the style you want and insert that into the "Extra CSS Classes" field. That's it - you're done. But, if you are new to Tablepress, we have a helpful video that will walk you through the whole process.

Designer Styles for TablePress

A well designed, beautiful table that displays your data in an attractive fashion could mean the difference between gaining a sale and losing a sale. Our professionally designed styles are perfect for displaying your data in a manner that conveys your point(s) without distraction.

You could spend thousands of dollars on a professional designer to create these tables for you.  Get them for the cost of a few cups of coffee and use them on all your projects!


Get your Free Styles

Save Money

You would have to pay a designer for many hours of time just to create a few of these styles.  But, you get more than 100 for one low price!

Save Time

You could spend days fussing with style sheets to create some of these styles yourself.  You have better things to do with your talents!

Developer Friendly

These style sheets are crisp and clean - designed for a developer to easily understand the flow and hierarchy.

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